We’re social justice and environmentally conscious people.  A lot of what goes on around the world really makes us mad and so we’re raising our voices and helping spread the word.  The more you know, the more you can help.  The more we help, the better things get.  It really IS that simple.  Wringing hands does not help…joining hands DOES.

We’ve finally realized why it’s so hard for most Americans to understand WHY things stay the same in so many poor nations in the world. Because they were NOT raised with ideas like:  the right to freedom…pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps…WE THE PEOPLE controlling excesses and abuses in our governments…American ingenuity…achieving the American dream…etc., etc.

If someone has come from generations of abuse, slavery, exploitation and poverty how can they think like WE do?  They can’t.  Revolutions have changed things in many countries…but for the average person in the third world (or developing countries if that is a better term for you) they KNOW that fighting for their rights means often death or jail.

99% of Americans just don’t seem to GET that fact.  But let’s be REALLY honest here…we also turn a blind eye for the sake of cheap goods.  Oh yeah, we KNOW that the Walmart stuff is cheap because exploited people are behind the manufacturing of those goods (and not Walmart’s immense buying power) but in a hard economy, we stuff that knowledge down because we’re struggling to survive ourselves.

So we’re not writing this blog to dole out guilt trips (however well deserved they may be in some cases) but instead to inform, to put a spotlight on the truth, to feature products that are Fair Trade and SLAVE FREE AND to offer an opportunity for Americans who ARE out of work (and have that stubborn streak inside that says they can still pull themselves up despite our government, debt or economy!)  The cool thing about Whole Earth Organic, Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate is that it means that most people only spend a few extra bucks drinking better coffee and eating better tasting and healthier chocolate…and have an opportunity to change their OWN lives as well as the lives of poor coffee farmers! How easy is that?

Facts are facts…young kids shouldn’t be slaves so that Americans can have cheap coffee and cocoa.  We shouldn’t support companies that know that slaves are used, farmers are exploited, the environment is harmed and poisonous chemicals are in our products.  This is just simply WRONG.


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