Nestle Says Organic Is Lower in Nutrition – Say WHAT?

Recap of Triple Pundit article (source link at bottom)

“Nestle has a very pro-GMO (genetically modified organism) policy and has invested in GM-coffee research…in 2008, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Board of Nestlé S.A. asked policymakers in Europe to re-evaluate their opposition to GMO.

According to him “You have to be rational. There’s no way you can support life on earth if you go straight from farm to table.”

“Nestle owns San Pellegrino water, PowerBar energy bars, and Skinny Cow ice cream, appealing to buyers concerned with health and the environment…technically none of these brands are organic…Nestle’s profits of 34 billion in 2010 has nothing to do with organics.

“Nestle also claims that organic food is lower in nutrition. Several food companies like Nestle, Kraft Foods and Dole Foods actively propagate this notion.”

When I read stuff like this, I just shake my head.  No way to support life on earth from farm to table? Organic food is lower in nutrition? Genetically modified food is good?  WHAT earth does this guy live on ‘cuz it ain’t the same one I live on (should lunatics have their OWN planet?  I’m beginning to think so.)

Let’s see:  good ol’ Pete has no problem with using child slaves for his chocolate, screws with Mother Nature through GMO, pushes poison, kills babies with his baby formula scam…yeah, sounds like an evil person to me. Hey, isn’t this what the anti-christ supposed to be like…remember that from somewhere…says they’re doing good and helping the world (while they’re setting up to get REALLY ugly when they’re in power!) Oh wait, he’s already DONE that.

And now this junior anti-christ Swiss lunatic wants to mess with my coffee? No thanks, Pete…think I’ll keep my organic and BOYCOTT ALL NESTLE PRODUCTS!

Really gotta go find out what all Nestle sells…I don’t want them in my kitchen!  I don’t even want people like this on the same planet.

Posted by Janet Byers

Recapped Article by Akhila Vijayaraghavan, Triple Pundit (dot) com | September 6th, 2011 >> View Full Article

Study Singles Out Fair Trade Coffee for Focus on People, Premium and More

22 November 2010

In a recently published study, Fairtrade stood out for its people approach and unique financial tools. The report by Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken (NBV), a Belgian consumer interest organization, compares Fairtrade and two other ethical labels for coffee.

“Fairtrade views everything from the producers’ point of view, Rainforest Alliance looks at the relationship between producer and environment and UTZ CERTIFIED pays particular attention to the end product and the production stages,” the study states.

The three labels each have different origins, resulting in very different approaches. Fairtrade aims to support small farmers to improve their lives and take more control over their future.

The biggest differences are found in the economic criteria. Fairtrade is the only label that provides a minimum price that aims to cover the average costs of sustainable production. In addition, upon producers’ request, buyers must provide up to 60 percent of the contract value in pre-financing. Furthermore, there is an established Fairtrade Premium, a sum of money above the agreed upon price that producers can invest in community projects.

Fairtrade standards are also unique in insisting on the establishment of cooperative farmers’ organizations, which provide farmers with greater leverage in negotiations and involvement in the trade process.

In regards to sustainably produced coffee, the NBV reports that all three labels meet the strictest standards regarding inspection, traceability and transparency.  >> Read Full Story Here